Bible Verses About Excellency and Glory of the Church The

Excellency and Glory of the Church, The.
    Derived from God  Isa 28:5
    Derived from Christ  Isa 60:1; Lu 2:34
    Result from the favour of God  Isa 43:4
    God delights in  Ps 45:11; Isa 62:3-5
    Saints delight in  Isa 66:11
    Consist in its
      Being the seat of God's worship.  Ps 96:6
      Being the temple of God.  1Co 3:16,17; Eph 2:21,22
      Being the body of Christ.  Eph 1:22,23
      Being the bride of Christ.  Ps 45:13,14; Re 19:7,8; 21:2
      Being established.  Ps 48:8; Isa 33:20
      Eminent position.  Ps 48:2; Isa 2:2
      Graces of character.  Song 2:14
      Perfection of beauty.  Ps 50:2
      Members being righteous.  Isa 60:21; Re 19:8
      Strength and defence.  Ps 48:12,13
      Sanctification.  Eph 5:26,27
    Augmented by increase of its members  Isa 49:18; 60:4-14
    Are abundant  Isa 66:11
    Sin obscures  La 2:14,15