Bible Verses About Famine

    Sent by God  Ps 10:16
    Often on account of sin  Le 26:21,26; La 4:4-6
    One of God's four sore judgments  Eze 14:21
    Caused by
      God's blessing withheld.  Ho 2:8,9; Hag 1:6
      Want of seasonable rain.  1Ki 17:1; Jer 14:1-4; Am 4:7
      Rotting of the seed in the ground.  Joe 1:17
      Swarms of insects.  De 28:38,42; Joe 1:4
      Blasting and mildew.  Am 4:9; Hag 2:17
      Devastation by enemies.  De 28:33,51
    Often long continued  Ge 41:27; 2Ki 8:1,2
    Often severe  Ge 12:10; 1Ki 18:2; Jer 52:6
    Expressed by
      Taking away the stay of bread, &c.  Isa 3:1
      Cleanness of Teeth.  Am 4:6
      The arrows of famine.  Eze 5:16
    Often accompanied by war  Jer 14:15; 29:18
    Often followed by pestilence  Jer 42:17; Eze 7:15; Mt 24:7
    Things eaten during
      Wild herbs.  2Ki 4:39,40
      Ass's flesh.  2Ki 6:25
      Dung.  2Ki 6:25; La 4:5
      Human flesh.  Le 26:29; 2Ki 6:28,29
    Provisions sold by weight during  Eze 4:16
    Suffering of brute creation from  Jer 14:5,6
      Burning and fever.  De 32:24
      Blackness of the skin.  La 4:8; 5:10
      Grief and mourning.  Joe 1:11-13
      Faintness.  Ge 47:13
      Wasting of the body.  La 4:8; Eze 4:17
      Death.  2Ki 7:4; Jer 11:22
    God provided for his people during  1Ki 17:4,9; Job 5:20; Ps 33:19; 37:19
    Instances of, in scripture
      In the days of Abraham.  Ge 12:10
      In the days of Isaac.  Ge 26:1
      In the days of Joseph.  Ge 41:53-56
      In the day of the Judges.  Ru 1:1
      In the reign of David.  2Sa 21:1
      In the reign of Ahab.  1Ki 17:1; 18:5
      In the time of Elisha.  2Ki 4:38
      During the siege of Samaria.  2Ki 6:25
      Of seven years foretold by Elisha.  2Ki 8:1
      In the time of Jeremiah.  Jer 14:1
      During the siege of Jerusalem.  2Ki 25:3
      After the captivity.  Ne 5:3
      In the reign of Claudius Caesar.  Ac 11:28
      Before destruction of Jerusalem.  Mt 24:7
    The Jews in their restored state not to be afflicted by  Eze 36:29,30
    Illustrative of
      A dearth of the means of grace.  Am 8:11,12
      Destruction of idols.  Zep 2:11