Bible Verses About Feast of the New Moon The

Feast of the New Moon, The.
    Held first day of the month  Nu 10:10
    Celebrated with blowing of trumpets  Nu 10:10; Ps 81:3,4
    Sacrifices at  Nu 28:11-15
    A season for
      Inquiring of God's messengers.  2Ki 4:23
      Worship in God's house.  Isa 66:23; Eze 46:1
      Entertainments.  1Sa 20:5,18
    Observed with great solemnity  1Ch 23:31; 2Ch 2:4; 8:13; 31:3
    Restored after captivity  Ezr 3:5; Ne 10:33
    Mere outward observance of, hateful to God  Isa 1:13,14
    Disliked by the ungodly  Am 8:5
    The Jews deprived of, for sin  Ho 2:11
    Observance of, by Christians, condemned  Col 2:16; Ga 4:10