Bible Verses About Feast of Pentecost The

Feast of Pentecost, The.
    Held fiftieth day after offering first sheaf of barley harvest  Le 23:15,16; De 16:9
    Called the
      Feast of harvest.  Ex 23:16
      Feast of weeks.  Ex 34:22; De 16:10
      Day of the first fruits.  Nu 28:26
      Day of Pentecost.  Ac 2:1
    To be perpetually observed  Le 23:21
    All males to attend  Ex 23:16,17; De 16:16
    A holy convocation  Le 23:21; Nu 28:26
    A time of holy rejoicing  De 16:11,12
    The first fruits of bread presented at  Le 23:17; De 16:10
    Sacrifices at  Le 23:18,19; Nu 28:27-31
    The law given from Mount Sinai upon  Ex 12:6,12; 19:1,11
    The Holy Spirit given to apostles at  Ac 2:1-3
    Observed by the church  Ac 20:16; 1Co 16:8