Bible Verses About Feast of Tabernacles The

Feast of Tabernacles, The.
    Held after harvest and vintage  De 16:13
    Began fifteenth of seventh month  Le 23:34,39
    Lasted seven days  Le 23:34,41; De 16:13,15
    Called the feast of ingathering  Ex 23:16,17
    All males obliged to appear at  Ex 23:16,17
    First and last days of, holy convocations  Le 23:35,39; Nu 29:12,35
    Sacrifices during  Le 23:36,37; Nu 29:13-39
    To be observed
      With rejoicing.  De 16:14,15
      Perpetually.  Le 23:41
    The people dwelt in booths during  Le 23:42; Ne 8:15,16
    The law publicly read every seventh year at  De 31:10-12; Ne 8:18
    Customs observed at
      Bearing branches of palms.  Le 23:40; Re 7:9
      Drawing water from the pool of Siloam.  Isa 12:3; Joh 7:2,37-39
      Singing hosannas.  Ps 118:24-29; Mt 21:8,9
    To commemorate the sojourn of Israel in the desert  Le 23:43
    Remarkable celebrations of
      At the dedication of Solomon's temple.  1Ki 8:2,65
      After the captivity.  Ex 3:4; Ne 8:17