Bible Verses About Feast of the Passover The

Feast of the Passover, The.
    Ordained by God  Ex 12:1,2
    Commenced the fourteenth of the first month at even  Ex 12:2,6,18; Le 23:5; Nu 9:3
    Lasted seven days  Ex 12:15; Le 23:6
    Called the
      Passover.  Nu 9:5; Joh 2:23
      Jew's passover.  Joh 2:13; 11:55
      Lord's passover.  Ex 12:11,27
      Feast of unleavened bread.  Mr 14:1; Lu 22:1
      Days of unleavened bread.  Ac 12:3; 20:6
    All males to appear at  Ex 23:17; De 16:16
    Paschal lamb eaten first day of  Ex 12:6,8
    Unleavened bread eaten at  Ex 12:15; De 16:3
      Not to be in their houses during.  Ex 12:19
      Not to be in any of their quarters.  Ex 13:7; De 16:4
      Nothing with, to be eaten.  Ex 12:20
      Punishment for eating.  Ex 12:15,19
    First and last days of, holy convocations  Ex 12:16; Nu 28:18,25
    Sacrifices during  Le 23:8; Nu 28:19-24
    The first sheaf of barley harvest offered the day after the Sabbath in  Le 23:10-14
    To commemorate the
      Passing over the first-born.  Ex 12:12,13
      Deliverance of Israel from bondage of Egypt.  Ex 12:17,42; 13:9; De 16:3
    To be perpetually observed during the Mosaic age  Ex 12:14; 13:10
    Children to be taught the nature and design of  Ex 12:26,27; 13:8
    Purification necessary to the due observance of  2Ch 30:15-19; Joh 11:55
    Might be kept in the second month by those who were unclean at the appointed time  Nu 9:6-11; 2Ch 30:2,3,15
    No uncircumcised person to keep  Ex 12:43,45
    Strangers and servants when circumcised might keep  Ex 12:44,48
    Neglect of, punished with death  Nu 9:13
    Improper keeping of, punished  2Ch 30:18,20
    Remarkable celebrations of
      On leaving Egypt.  Ex 12:28,50
      In the wilderness of Sinai.  Nu 9:3-5
      On entering the land of promise.  Jos 5:10,11
      In Hezekiah's reign.  2Ch 30:1
      In Josiah's reign.  2Ki 23:22,23; 2Ch 35:1,18
      After the captivity.  Ezr 6:19,20
      Before the death of Christ.  Lu 22:15
    Moses kept through faith  Heb 11:28
    Christ always observed  Mt 26:17-20; Lu 22:15; Joh 2:13,23
    The people of Jerusalem lent their rooms to strangers for  Lu 22:11,12
    The Lord's Supper instituted at  Mt 26:26-28
    Custom of releasing a prisoner at  Mt 27:15; Lu 23:16,17
    The Sabbath in, a high day  Joh 19:31
    The day before the Sabbath in, called the preparation  Joh 19:14,31
    Illustrative of redemption through Christ  1Co 5:7,8