Bible Verses About Feasts the Anniversary

Feasts, the Anniversary.
    Instituted by God  Ex 23:14
    Enumerated  Ex 23:15,16
      Appointed feasts.  Isa 1:14
      Feasts of the Lord.  Le 23:4
      Solemn feasts.  2Ch 8:13; La 1:4
      Solemn meetings.  Isa 1:13
    Were a time of thankfulness  Ps 122:4
    All males to attend  Ex 23:17; 34:23
    Children commenced attending, when twelve years old  Lu 2:42
    Females often attended  1Sa 1:3,9; Lu 2:41
    The Jews attended gladly  Ps 122:1,2
    The Jews went up to, in large companies  Ps 42:4; Lu 2:44
    The dangers and difficulties encountered in going up to, alluded to  Ps 84:6,7
    The land divinely protected during  Ex 34:24
    Offerings to made at  Ex 34:20; De 16:16,17
    Were seasons of
      Joy and gladness.  Ps 42:4; Isa 30:20
      Sacrificing.  1Sa 1:3; 1Ki 9:25; 2Ch 8:13
      Entertainments.  1Sa 1:4,9
      The ten tribes seduced by Jeroboam from attending.  1Ki 12:27
      The Jews dispersed in distant parts often attended.  Ac 2:5-11; 8:27
      Christ attended.  Joh 5:1; 7:10
      Rendered unavailing by the impiety of the Jews.  Isa 1:13,14; Am 5:21
      Illustrative of general assembly of the church.  Heb 12:23