Bible Verses About Fig Tree The

Fig Tree, The.
    Produces a rich sweet fruit  Jdj 9:11
    Not found in desert places  Nu 20:5
    Abounded in
      Egypt.  Ps 105:33
      Canaan.  Nu 13:23; De 8:8
    Often grew wild  Am 7:14
    Sometimes planted in vineyards  Lu 13:6
    Propagated by the Jews  Am 4:9
    Required cultivation  Lu 13:8
    Fruit of, formed after winter  Song 2:11,13
    Leaves of, put forth, a sign of the approach of summer  Mt 24:32
    Reasonableness of expecting fruit upon, when full of leaves  Mr 11:13
    Fruit of
      Eaten fresh from the tree.  Mt 21:18,19
      Eaten dried in cakes.  1Sa 30:12
      Gathered and kept in baskets.  Jer 24:1
      First ripe esteemed.  Jer 24:2; Ho 9:10
      Used in the miraculous healing of Hezekiah.  2Ki 20:7; Isa 38:21
      Sold in the markets.  Ne 13:15
      Sent as presents.  1Sa 25:18; 1Ch 12:40
    A species of, produced vile and worthless fruit  Jer 29:17
    Leaves of, used by Adam for covering  Ge 3:7
    Afforded a thick shade  Joh 1:48,50
    Often unfruitful  Lu 13:7
    Failure of, a great calamity  Hab 3:17
    The Jews punished by
      God's breaking down.  Ho 2:12
      Failure of fruit on.  Jer 8:13; Hag 2:19
      Enemies devouring fruit of.  Jer 5:17
      Barking and eating of, by locusts.  Joe 1:4,7,12; Am 4:9
      (Barren,) of mere professors of religion.  Mt 21:19; Lu 13:6,7
      (Sitting under one's own,) of prosperity and peace.  1Ki 4:25; Mic 4:4
    Fruit of, illustrative
      Of good works.  Mt 7:16
      (Good,) of saints.  Jer 24:2,3
      (Bad,) of wicked men.  Jer 24:2-8
      (First ripe,) of the fathers of the Jewish church.  Ho 9:10
      (Untimely and dropping,) of the wicked ripe for judgment.  Isa 34:4; Na 3:12; Re 6:13