Bible Verses About First Fruits The

First Fruits, The.
    To be brought to God's house  Ex 34:26
    Different kinds of
      Barley harvest.  Le 23:10-14
      Wheat harvest.  Ex 23:16; Le 23:16,17
      Wine and oil.  De 18:4
      Wool.  De 18:4
      Honey.  2Ch 31:5
      Fruit of new trees in fourth year.  Le 19:23,24
      All agricultural produce.  De 26:2
    To be the very best of their kind  Nu 18:12
    Holy to the Lord  Eze 48:14
    God honoured by the offering of  Pr 3:9
    Offering of, consecrated the whole  Ro 11:16
    To be offered
      Without delay.  Ex 22:29
      In a basket.  De 26:2
      With thanksgiving.  De 26:3-10
    Allotted to the priests  Nu 18:12,13; Le 23:20; De 18:3-5
    Law of, restored after the captivity  Ne 10:35,37; 13:31
    Illustrative of
      The Jewish church.  Jer 2:3
      First converts in any place.  Ro 16:5
      Church of Christ.  Jas 1:18; Re 14:4
      Resurrection of Christ.  1Co 15:20,23