Bible Verses About Fruits

    The produce of corn, &c  De 22:9; Ps 107:37
    The produce of trees  Ge 1:29; Ec 2:5
    Called the
      Fruit of the ground.  Ge 4:3; Jer 7:20
      Fruit of the earth.  Isa 4:2
      Increase of the land.  Ps 85:12
    Given by God  Ac 14:17
    Preserved to us by God  Mal 3:11
      A fruitful land.  Ps 107:31
      Rain from heaven.  Ps 104:13; Jas 5:18
      Influence of the sun and moon.  De 33:14
    Produced in their due seasons  Mt 21:41
    First of, devoted to God  De 26:2
    Divided into To be waited for with patience  Jas 5:7
    Often sent as presents  Ge 43:11
    Often destroyed
      In God's anger.  Jer 7:20
      By blight.  Joe 1:12
      By locusts, &c.  De 28:38,39; Joe 1:4
      By enemies.  Eze 25:4
      By drought.  Hag 1:10
      Of effects of repentance.  Mt 3:8
      Of works of the Spirit.  Ga 5:22,23; Eph 5:9
      Of doctrines of Christ.  Song 2:3
      Of good works.  Mt 7:17,18; Php 4:17
      Of a holy conversation.  Pr 12:14; 18:20
      Of praise.  Heb 13:15
      Of the example, &c of the godly.  Pr 11:30
      Of effects of industry.  Pr 31:16,31
      Of the reward of saints.  Isa 3:10
      Of the reward of the wicked.  Jer 17:9,10
      Of converts to the church.  Ps 72:16; Joh 4:36
      (Bad,) of the conduct and conversation of evil men.  Mt 12:33