Bible Verses About Gibeonites

    Descended from the Hivites and Amorites  Jos 9:3,7; 2Sa 21:2
    A mighty and warlike people  Jos 10:2
    Cities of  Jos 9:17
      Deceived by.  Jos 9:4-13
      Made a league with.  Jos 9:15
      Spared on account of their oath.  Jos 9:18,19
      Appointed, hewers of wood, &c.  Jos 9:20-27
    Attacked by the kings of Canaan  Jos 10:1-5
    Delivered by Israel  Jos 10:6-10
    Saul sought to destroy  2Sa 21:2
    Israel plagued for Saul's cruelty to  2Sa 21:1
    Effected the destruction of the remnant of Saul's house  2Sa 21:4-9
    The office of the Nethinim probably originated in  1Ch 9:2
    Part of, returned from the captivity  Ne 7:25