Bible Verses About Glory

    God is, to his people  Ps 3:3; Zec 2:5
    Christ is, to his people  Isa 60:1; Lu 2:32
    The gospel ordained to be, to saints  1Co 2:7
    Of the gospel, exceeds that of the law  2Co 3:9,10
    The joy of saints is full of  1Pe 1:8
      Is given by God.  Ps 84:11
      Is given by Christ.  Joh 17:22
      Christ.  Joh 17:22
      Is the work of the Holy Spirit.  2Co 3:18
      Procured by the death of Christ.  Heb 2:10
      Accompanies salvation by Christ.  2Ti 2:10
      Inherited by saints.  1Sa 2:8; Ps 73:24; Pr 3:35; Col 3:4; 1Pe 5:10
      Saints called to.  2Th 2:14; 1Pe 5:10
      Saints afore prepared to.  Ro 9:23
      Enhanced by present afflictions.  2Co 4:17
      Present afflictions not worthy to be compared with.  Ro 8:18
    Of the Church shall be rich and abundant  Isa 60:11-13
    The bodies of saints shall be raised in  1Co 15:43; Php 3:21
    Saints shall be, of their ministers  1Th 2:19,20
      Is given by God.  Da 2:37
      Passes away.  1Pe 1:24
      The devil tries to seduce by.  Mt 4:8
    Of hypocrites turned to shame  Ho 4:7
    Seek not, from man  Mt 6:2; 1Th 2:6
    Of the wicked
      Is in their shame.  Php 3:19
      Ends in destruction.  Isa 5:14