Bible Verses About Goat The

Goat, The.
    Clean and fit for food  De 14:4,5
    Offered in sacrifice  Ge 15:9; Le 16:5,7
    The male, best for sacrifice  Le 22:19; Ps 50:9
    First-born of, not redeemed  Nu 18:17
    Jews had large flocks of  Ge 32:14; 1Sa 25:2
    Most profitable to the owner  Pr 27:26
    Milk of, used as food  Pr 27:27
    The young of
      Called kids.  Ge 37:31
      Kept in small flocks.  1Ki 20:27
      Fed near the shepherds' tents.  Song 1:8
      Not to be seethed in milk of mother.  Ex 23:19
      Offered in sacrifice.  Le 4:23; 5:6
      Offered at the passover.  Ex 12:5; 2Ch 35:7
      Considered a delicacy.  Ge 27:9; Jdj 6:19
      Given as a present.  Ge 38:17; Jdj 15:1
    The hair of
      Offered for tabernacle.  Ex 25:4; 35:23
      Made into curtains, for covering the tabernacle.  Ex 35:26; 36:14-18
      Made into pillows.  1Sa 19:13
    Skin of, often used as clothing  Heb 11:37
    Bashan celebrated for  De 32:14
    The Arabians traded in  Eze 27:21
    Flocks of, always led by a male  Jer 50:8
    When wild dwelt in the hills and rocks  1Sa 24:2; Job 39:1; Ps 104:18
      Of Macedonian empire.  Da 8:5,21
      Of the wicked.  Zec 10:3; Mt 25:32,33
      (Flock of,) of the church.  Song 4:1