Bible Verses About Gospel The

Gospel, The.
    Is good tidings of great joy for all people  Lu 2:10,11,31,32
    Foretold  Isa 41:27; 52:7; 61:1-3; Mr 1:15
    Preached under the old testament  Heb 4:2
    Exhibits the grace of God  Ac 14:3; 20:32
    The knowledge of the glory of God is by  2Co 4:4,6
    Life and immortality are brought to light by Jesus through  2Ti 1:10
    Is the power of God to salvation  Ro 1:16; 1Co 1:18; 1Th 1:5
    Is glorious  2Co 4:4
    Is everlasting  1Pe 1:25; Re 14:6
    Preached by Christ  Mt 4:23; Mr 1:14
    Ministers have a stewardship to preach  1Co 9:17
    Preached beforehand to Abraham  Ge 22:18; Ga 3:8
    Preached to
      The Jews first.  Lu 24:47; Ac 13:46
      The Gentiles.  Mr 13:10; Ga 2:2,9
      The poor.  Mt 11:5; Lu 4:18
      Every creature.  Mr 16:15; Col 1:23
    Must be believed  Mr 1:15; Heb 4:2
    Brings peace  Lu 2:10,14; Eph 6:15
    Produces hope  Col 1:23
    Saints have fellowship in  Php 1:5
    There is fulness of blessing in  Ro 15:29
    Those who receive, should
      Adhere to the truth of.  Ga 1:6,7; 2:14; 2Ti 1:13
      Not be ashamed of.  Ro 1:16; 2Ti 1:8
      Live in subjection to.  2Co 9:13
      Have their conversation becoming.  Php 1:27
      Earnestly contend for the faith of.  Php 1:17,27; Jude 1:3
      Sacrifice friends and property for.  Mt 10:37
      Sacrifice life itself for.  Mr 8:35
    Profession of, attended by afflictions  2Ti 3:12
    Promises to sufferers  Mr 8:35; 10:30
    Be careful not to hinder  1Co 9:12
    Is hid to them that are lost  2Co 4:3
    Testifies to the final judgment  Ro 2:16
    Let him who preached another, be accursed  Ga 1:8
    Awful consequences of not obeying  2Th 1:8,9
    Is called the
      Dispensation of the grace of God.  Eph 3:2
      Gospel of peace.  Eph 6:15
      Gospel of God.  Ro 1:1; 1Th 2:8; 1Pe 4:17
      Gospel of Christ.  Ro 1:9,16; 2Co 2:12; 1Th 3:2
      Gospel of the grace of God.  Ac 20:24
      Gospel of the kingdom.  Mt 24:14
      Gospel of salvation.  Eph 1:13
      Glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.  2Co 4:4
      Preaching of Jesus Christ.  Ro 16:25
      Mystery of the gospel.  Eph 6:19
      Word of God.  1Th 2:13
      Word of Christ.  Col 3:16
      Word of grace.  Ac 14:3; 20:32
      Word of salvation.  Ac 13:26
      Word of reconciliation.  2Co 5:19
      Word of truth.  Eph 1:13; Jas 1:18
      Word of faith.  Ro 10:8
      Word of life.  Php 2:16
      Ministration of the Spirit.  2Co 3:8
      Doctrine according to godliness.  1Ti 6:3
      Form of sound words.  2Ti 1:13
    Rejection of, by many, foretold  Isa 53:1; Ro 10:15,16
    Rejection of, by the Jews, a means of blessing to the Gentiles  Ro 11:28