Bible Verses About Grass

    A green herb  Mr 6:39
      Grass of the earth.  Re 9:4
      Grass of the field.  Nu 22:4
    Springs out of the earth  2Sa 23:4
      Originally created.  Ge 1:11,12
      The giver of.  De 11:15
      Causes to grow.  Ps 104:14; 147:8
      Adorns and clothes.  Mt 6:30
    Often grew on the tops of houses  Ps 129:6
    When young, soft and tender  Pr 27:25
    Refreshed by rain and dew  De 32:2; Pr 19:12
    Cattle fed upon  Job 6:5; Jer 50:11
    Ovens often heated with  Mt 6:30
    Destroyed by
      Locusts.  Re 9:4
      Hail and lightning.  Re 8:7
      Drought.  1Ki 17:1; 18:5
    Failure of, a great calamity  Isa 15:5,6
    Sufferings of cattle from failure of, described  Jer 14:5,6
      Of shortness and uncertainty of life.  Ps 90:5,6; 103:15; Isa 40:6,7; 1Pe 1:24
      Of prosperity of the wicked.  Ps 92:7
      (Refreshed by dew and showers,) of the saints refreshed by grace.  Ps 72:6; Mic 5:7
      (On tops of houses,) of the wicked.  2Ki 19:26; Isa 37:27