Bible Verses About Hair The

Hair, The.
    The natural covering of the head  Ps 68:21
    Innumerable  Ps 40:12; 69:4
    Growth of  Jdj 16:22
      Numbers.  Mt 10:30
      Takes care of.  Da 3:27; Lu 21:18
    Black, particularly esteemed  Song 5:11
    White or gray
      A token of age.  1Sa 12:2; Ps 71:18
      A token of weakness and decay.  Ho 7:9
      An emblem of wisdom.  Da 7:9; Job 12:12
      With righteousness, a crown of glory.  Pr 16:31
      To be reverenced.  Le 19:32
    Man cannot even change the colour or  Mt 5:36
    Of women
      Worn long for a covering.  1Co 11:15
      Plaited and broidered.  1Ti 2:9; 1Pe 3:3
      Well set and ornamented.  Isa 3:24
      Neglected in grief.  Lu 7:38; Joh 12:3
    Sometimes worn long by men  2Sa 14:26
    Men condemned for wearing long  1Co 11:14
    Often expensively anointed  Ec 9:8
    Of Nazarites
      Not to be cut or shorn during their vow.  Nu 6:5; Jdj 16:17,19,20
      Shorn after completion of vow.  Nu 6:18
    Of the healed leper to be shorn  Le 14:9
    Colour of, changed by leprosy  Le 13:3,10
    Cut off in affliction  Jer 7:29
    Plucked out in extreme grief  Ezr 9:3
    Plucking out of, a reproach  Ne 13:25; Isa 50:6
    Judgments expressed by