Bible Verses About Happiness of Saints In This Life

Happiness of Saints In This Life.
    Is in God  Ps 73:25,26
    Only found in the ways of wisdom  Pr 3:17,18
    Described by Christ in the beatitudes  Mt 5:3-12
    Is derived from
      Fear of God.  Ps 128:1,2; Pr 28:14
      Trust in God.  Pr 16:20; Php 4:6,7
      The words of Christ.  Joh 17:13
      Obedience to God.  Ps 40:8; Joh 13:17
      Salvation.  De 33:29; Isa 12:2,3
      Hope in the Lord.  Ps 146:5
      Hope of glory.  Ro 5:2
      God being their Lord.  Ps 144:15
      God being their help.  Ps 146:5
      Praising God.  Ps 135:3
      Their mutual love.  Ps 133:1
      Divine chastening.  Job 5:17; Jas 5:11
      Suffering for Christ.  2Co 12:10; 1Pe 3:14; 4:13,14
      Having mercy on the poor.  Pr 14:21
      Finding wisdom.  Pr 3:13
    Is abundant and satisfying  Ps 36:8; 63:5