Bible Verses About Harvest The

Harvest, The.
    Ingathering of fruits of the fields  Mr 4:29
    To continue without intermission  Ge 8:22
    Called the Fields appeared white before  Joh 4:35
    Of barley at the passover  Le 23:6,10; Ru 1:22
    Of wheat at Pentecost  Ex 34:22; 1Sa 12:17
    Men and women engaged in  Ru 2:8,9
    Persons engaged in
      Reapers.  Ru 2:4
      Binders.  Ge 37:7; Ps 129:7
      Called harvest-men.  Isa 17:5
      Called labourers.  Mt 9:37
      Fed by the husbandman during.  Ru 2:14
      Received wages.  Joh 4:35
      Often defrauded of their wages.  Jas 5:4
    Former and latter rain necessary to abundance of  Jer 5:24; Am 4:7
    Patience required in waiting for  Jas 5:7
    Not to be commenced until the first fruits had been offered to God  Le 23:10,14
    A time of great joy  Ps 126:6; Isa 9:3
    Omitted in the sabbatical year  Le 25:5
    Omitted in year of jubilee  Le 25:11,12
    The Sabbath to observed during  Ex 34:21
    Legal provision for the poor during  Le 19:9,10; 23:22; De 24:19
    Failure of
      Occasioned by drought.  Am 4:7
      Occasioned by locusts.  Joe 1:4
      Sometimes continued for years.  Ge 45:6
      A cause of great grief.  Isa 16:9; Joe 1:11
      A punishment for sin.  Isa 17:10,11
    Slothfulness during, ruinous  Pr 10:5
    Miraculous thunder, &c in  1Sa 12:17,18
      Of seasons of grace.  Jer 8:20
      Of the end of the world.  Mt 13:30,39
      Of a time when many are ready to receive the gospel.  Mt 9:37,38; Joh 4:35
      Of a time of judgment.  Jer 51:33; Ho 6:11
      Of ripeness for wrath.  Joe 3:13; Re 14:15
      (Dew in,) of God's protection.  Isa 18:4
      (Cold in,) of a refreshing message.  Pr 25:13
      (Rain in,) of honour given to fools.  Pr 26:1