Bible Verses About Hell

    The place of disembodied spirits  Ac 2:31
    Which Christ visited.  Lu 23:43; Ac 2:31; 1Pe 3:19
    Contains, a place of rest, Abraham's bosom.  Lu 16:23
    Paradise.  Lu 23:43
    And a place of torment.  Lu 16:23
The place of future punishment
    Destruction from the presence of God.  2Th 1:9
Described as
    Everlasting punishment.  Mt 25:46
    Everlasting fire.  Mt 25:41
    Everlasting burnings.  Isa 33:14
    A furnace of fire.  Mt 13:42,50
    A lake of fire.  Re 20:15
    Fire and brimstone.  Re 14:10
    Unquenchable fire.  Mt 3:12
    Devouring fire.  Isa 33:14
Prepared for the devil, &c  Mt 25:41
Devils are confined in, until the judgment day  2Pe 2:4; Jude 1:6
Punishment of, is eternal  Isa 33:14; Re 20:10
The wicked shall be turned into  Ps 9:17
Human power cannot preserve from  Eze 32:27
The body suffers in  Mt 5:29; 10:28
The soul suffers in  Mt 10:28
The wise avoid  Pr 15:24
Endeavour to keep others from  Pr 23:14; Jude 1:23
The society of the wicked leads to  Pr 5:5; 9:18
The beast, false prophets, and the devil shall be cast into  Re 19:20; 20:10
The powers of, cannot prevail against the Church  Mt 16:18
Illustrated  Isa 30:33