Bible Verses About High Priest The

High Priest, The.
    Specially called of God  Ex 28:1,2; Heb 5:4
    Consecrated to his office  Ex 40:13; Le 8:12
    Was called
      The priest.  Ex 29:30; Ne 7:65
      God's high priest.  Ac 23:4
      Ruler of the people.  Ex 22:28; Ac 23:5
    The office of, hereditary  Ex 29:29
    Next in rank to the king  La 2:6
    Often exercised chief civil power  1Sa 4:18
    Duties of
      Offering gifts and sacrifices.  Heb 5:1
      Lighting the sacred lamps.  Ex 30:8; Nu 8:3
      Making atonement in the most holy place once a year.  Le 16:1-34; Heb 9:7
      Bearing before the Lord the names of Israel for a memorial.  Ex 28:12,29
      Enquiring of God by Urim and Thummim.  1Sa 23:9-12; 30:7,8
      Consecrating the Levites.  Nu 9:11-21
      Appointing priests to offices.  1Sa 2:36
      Taking charge of money collected in the sacred treasury.  2Ki 12:10; 22:4
      Presiding in the superior court.  Mt 26:3,57-62; Ac 5:21-28; 23:1-5
      Taking the census of the people.  Nu 1:3
      Blessing the people.  Le 9:22,23
    Sometimes enabled to prophesy  Joh 11:49-52
    Assisted by a deputy  2Sa 15:24; Lu 3:2
    The deputy of
      Called the second priest.  2Ki 25:18
      Had oversight of the tabernacle.  Nu 4:16
      Had oversight of the Levites.  Nu 3:32
    To marry a virgin of Aaron's family  Le 21:13,14
    Forbidden to mourn for any  Le 21:1-12
    To be tender and compassionate  Heb 5:2
    Needed to sacrifice for himself  Heb 5:1-3
    Special garments of
      Ephod with its curious girdle.  Ex 28:6,7
      Girdle.  Ex 28:4,39
      Broidered coat.  Ex 28:4,39
      Robe of the ephod.  Ex 28:31-35
      Breastplate.  Ex 28:15-29
      Linen mitre.  Ex 28:4,39
      Plate or crown of gold, &c.  Ex 28:36-38
    Made by divine wisdom given to Bezaleel, &c  Ex 28:3; 36:1; 39:1
    Were for beauty and ornament  Ex 28:2
    Worn at his consecration  Le 8:7,9
    Worn seven days after consecration.  Ex 29:30
    Descended to his successors.  Ex 29:29
Wore the ordinary priest's garments when making atonement in the holy place  Le 16:4
Office of, promised to the posterity of Phinehas for his zeal  Nu 25:12,13
Family of Eli degraded from office of, for bad conduct  1Sa 2:27-36
Sometimes deposed by the kings  1Ki 2:27
Office of, made annual by the Romans  Joh 11:49-51; Ac 4:6
Typified Christ in
    Being called of God.  Heb 5:4,5
    His title.  Heb 3:1
    His appointment.  Isa 61:1; Joh 1:32-34
    Making atonement.  Le 16:33; Heb 2:17
    Splendid dress.  Ex 28:2; Joh 1:14
    Being liable to temptation.  Heb 2:18
    Compassion and sympathy for the weak and ignorant.  Heb 4:15; 5:1,2
    Marrying a virgin.  Le 21:13,14; 2Co 11:2
    Holiness of office.  Le 21:15; Heb 7:26
    Performing by himself all the services on day of atonement.  Le 16:1-34; Heb 1:3
    Bearing the names of Israel upon his heart.  Ex 28:29; Song 8:6
    Alone entering into most holy place.  Heb 9:7,12,24; 4:14
    Interceding.  Nu 16:43-48; Heb 7:25
    Blessing.  Le 9:22,23; Ac 3:26
Inferior to Christ in
    Needing to make atonement for his own sins.  Heb 5:2,3; 7:26-28; 9:7
    Being of the order of Aaron.  Heb 6:20; 7:11-17; 8:4,5,1,2,6
    Being made without an oath.  Heb 7:20-22
    Not being able to continue.  Heb 7:23,24
    Offering oftentimes the same sacrifices.  Heb 9:25,26,28; 10:11,12,14
    Entering into holiest every year.  Heb 9:7,12,25