Bible Verses About Highways

    Roads for public use  Nu 20:19; De 2:27
    Called the king's highway  Nu 20:17
    Marked out by heaps of stones  Jer 31:21
    Generally broad  Jdj 20:32,45; Mt 7:13
    Generally straight  1Sa 6:12; Isa 40:3
    Made to all cities of refuge  De 19:2,3
    Often made in deserts  Isa 40:3
    Infested with
      Serpents.  Ge 49:17
      Wild beasts.  1Ki 13:24; Isa 35:9
      Robbers.  Jer 3:2; Lu 10:30-33
    Beggars sat by sides of  Mt 20:30; Mr 10:46
    Often obstructed  Jer 18:15
    All obstructions removed from, before persons of distinction  Isa 40:3,4; Mt 3:3
    By-paths more secure in times of danger  Jdj 5:6
    Desolation of, threatened as a punishment  Le 26:22; Isa 33:8
      Of Christ.  Joh 14:6
      Of the way of holiness.  Isa 35:8
      Of facilities for the restoration of the Jews.  Isa 11:16; 62:10
      (Made in the deserts,) of facilities for the spread of the gospel.  Isa 40:3; 43:19
      (Narrow,) of the way of life.  Mt 7:14
      (Broad,) of the way to destruction.  Mt 7:13