Bible Verses About Hittites

    Descended from Canaan's son, Heth  Ge 10:15
    Called the
      Sons of Heth.  Ge 23:3,20
      Children of Heth.  Ge 23:5
    One of the seven nations of Canaan  De 7:1
    Dwelt in Hebron  Ge 23:2,3,19
    Governed by kings  1Ki 10:29; 2Ki 7:6
    Land of, promised to Israel  Ge 15:20; Ex 3:8
    Israel commanded to destroy  De 7:1,2,24
    Part of their land given to Caleb  Jos 14:13
    Not entirely destroyed by Israel  Jdj 3:5
    The remnant of, made tributary in the reign of Solomon  1Ki 9:20,21
    Luz built in the country of  Jdj 1:26
    Intermarriages with, by
      Esau.  Ge 36:2
      Solomon.  1Ki 11:1,2
      Israel after conquest of Canaan.  Jdj 3:5,6
      Israelites after the captivity.  Ezr 9:1
    Descent from, illustrative of the degradation of the Jews  Eze 16:3
    Remarkable persons of
      Ephron.  Ge 49:30
      Abimelech.  1Sa 26:6
      Uriah.  2Sa 11:6,21