Bible Verses About Hivites

    Descended from Canaan  Ge 10:15,17
    Supposed to be the ancient Avim, or Avites  De 2:33; Jos 13:3
    One of the seven nations of Canaan  De 7:1
    Dwelt near Lebanon  Jdj 3:3
    The Shechemites a people of  Ge 34:2
    The Gibeonites a people of  Jos 9:3,7
    Esau intermarried with  Ge 36:2
    Land of, promised to Israel  Ex 3:8; 23:23
    Israel commanded to destroy  De 7:1,2,24
    A part of, left to prove Israel  Jdj 3:3
    Remnant of, made tributary in the reign of Solomon  1Ki 9:20,21