Bible Verses About Holy Spirit the Comforter The

Holy Spirit, the Comforter, The.
    Proceeds from the Father  Joh 15:26
      By the Father.  Joh 14:16
      By Christ.  Isa 61:3
      Through Christ's intercession.  Joh 14:16
    Sent in the name of Christ  Joh 14:26
    Sent by Christ from the Father  Joh 15:26; 16:7
    As such he
      Communicates joy to saints.  Ro 14:17; Ga 5:22; 1Th 1:6
      Edifies the Church.  Ac 9:31
      Testifies of Christ.  Joh 15:26
      Imparts the love of God.  Ro 5:3-5
      Imparts hope.  Ro 15:13; Ga 5:5
      Teaches saints.  Joh 14:26
      Dwells with, and in saints.  Joh 14:17
      Abides for ever with saints.  Joh 14:16
      Is known by saints.  Joh 14:17
    The world cannot receive  Joh 14:17