Bible Verses About Holy of Holies

Holy of Holies.
    Divided from the outward tabernacle by a vail  Ex 26:31-33
    Was called the
      Sanctuary.  Le 4:6; Ps 20:2
      Holy sanctuary.  Le 16:33
      Holy place.  Ex 28:29; Le 16:2,3
      Most holy place.  Ex 26:31-33
      Holiest of all.  Heb 9:3
      Oracle.  1Ki 6:5,16,20
      Ark of testimony.  Ex 26:33; 40:3,21
      Mercy-seat.  Ex 26:34
      Cherubim.  Ex 25:18-22; 1Ki 6:23-28
      Golden censer.  Heb 9:4
      Pot of manna.  Ex 16:33; Heb 9:4
      Aaron's rod.  Nu 17:10; Heb 9:4
      A written copy of the divine law.  De 31:26; 2Ki 22:8
    God appeared in  Ex 25:22; Le 16:2
    The high priest
      Not to enter, at all times.  Le 16:2
      Alone to enter, once a year.  Heb 9:7
      Entered, in ordinary priest's dress.  Le 16:4
      Entered, not without blood of atonement.  Le 16:14,15; Heb 9:7
      Offered incense in.  Le 16:12
      Made atonement for.  Le 16:15,16,20,33
    The priests allowed to enter, and prepare the holy things for removal  Nu 4:5
    Laid open to view at Christ's death  Mt 27:51
    A type of heaven  Ps 102:19; Heb 9:12,13,24
    Saints have boldness to enter the true  Heb 10:19