Bible Verses About Homicide

    Distinguished from murder  Ex 21:13,14; Nu 35:16-21,25
    Justifiable, described as
      Killing persons condemned by law.  Ge 9:6; Ex 35:2; Le 24:16
      Killing a thief in the night.  Ex 22:2
      Killing enemies in battle.  Nu 31:7,8
      Killing a manslayer by next of kin.  Nu 35:27
    Unjustifiable, described as
      Killing without enmity.  Nu 35:22
      Killing without lying in wait.  Ex 21:13; Nu 35:22
      Killing by accident.  Nu 35:23; De 19:5
    The avenger of blood might slay those guilty of unjustifiable  Nu 35:19,27
    Protection afforded in the cities of refuge to those guilty of unjustified  Nu 35:11,15
    Confinement in the city of refuge the punishment for unjustifiable  Nu 35:25,28