Bible Verses About Hyke or Upper Garment

Hyke or Upper Garment.
    Law respecting fringes of  Nu 15:38; De 22:12
    Used by the poor as a covering by night  Ex 22:26,27; De 24:13
    Burdens often bound up in  Ex 12:34
    The skirts of, used to hold things in  2Ki 4:39; Ne 5:13; Hag 2:12; Lu 6:38
    Probably used by women as a vail  Ru 3:15
    Required to be girt up
      For running.  1Ki 18:46
      For labour.  Lu 17:8
    Often laid aside  Mt 24:18; Mr 10:50
    The Jews said to be naked without  2Sa 6:20; Mr 14:51,52; Joh 21:7
    Was the garment
      Rent in token of anger.  Mt 26:65
      Rent in token of grief.  Joe 2:13
      Of Samuel rent by Saul.  1Sa 15:27
      Of Saul which David cut.  1Sa 24:4,5
      Of Jeroboam rent by Ahijah.  1Ki 11:30
      Laid aside by Christ.  Joh 13:4
      Spread before Christ by the Jews.  Mt 21:8
    The Jews condemned for making broad the borders of  Mt 23:5