Bible Verses About Incense

    Brought from Sheba  Jer 6:20
    Called frankincense  Song 4:6,14
    An article of extensive commerce  Re 18:13
    Common, not to be offered to God  Ex 30:9
    For God's service mixed with sweet spices  Ex 25:6; 37:29
    Receipt for mixing  Ex 30:34-36
    None but priest to offer  Nu 16:40; De 33:10
      In censers.  Le 10:1; Nu 16:17,46
      On the altar of gold.  Ex 30:1,6; 40:5
      Morning and evening.  Ex 30:7,8
      Perpetually.  Ex 30:8
      By the high priest in the most holy place on the day of atonement.  Le 16:12,13
      With fire from off the altar of burnt offering.  Le 16:12; Nu 16:46
    Offering of, allotted to the priests  Lu 1:9
    The Jews prayed at time of offering  Lu 1:10
    Designed for atonement  Nu 16:46,47
    Put on meat offerings  Le 2:1,2,15,16; 6:15
    Levites had charge of  1Ch 9:29
    Used in idolatrous worship  Jer 48:35
    The Jews
      Not accepted in offering, on account of sin.  Isa 1:13; 66:3
      Offered, to idols on altars of brick.  Isa 65:3
      Punished for offering, to idols.  2Ch 34:25
    Nadab and Abihu destroyed for offering, with strange fire  Le 10:1,2
    Korah and his company punished for offering  Nu 16:16-35
    Uzziah punished for offering  2Ch 26:16-21
    Presented to Christ by the wise men  Mt 2:11
    Illustrative of
      The merits of Christ.  Re 8:3,4
      Prayer.  Ps 141:2; Mal 1:11; Re 5:8