Bible Verses About Jordan the River

Jordan, the River.
    Eastern boundary of Canaan  Nu 34:12
    Often overflowed  Jos 3:15; 1Ch 12:15
    Overflowing of, called the swelling of Jordan  Jer 12:5; 49:19
    Empties itself into the Dead Sea  Nu 34:12
    The plains of
      Thickly wooded.  2Ki 6:2
      Exceeding fertile.  Ge 13:10
      Infested with lions.  Jer 49:19; 50:44
      Afforded clay for moulding brass, &c.  1Ki 7:46; 2Ch 4:17
      Chosen by Lot for a residence.  Ge 13:11
    Fordable in some places  Jos 2:7; Jdj 12:5,6
    Ferry boats often used on  2Sa 19:18
    Remarkable events connected with
      Division of its waters to let Israel pass over.  Jos 3:12-16; 5:1
      Return of its waters to their place.  Jos 4:18
      Slaughter of Moabites.  Jdj 3:28,29
      Slaughter of the Ephraimites.  Jdj 12:4-6
      Its division by Elijah.  2Ki 2:8
      Its division by Elisha.  2Ki 2:14
      Healing of Naaman the leper.  2Ki 5:10,14
      Baptism of multitudes by John the Baptist.  Mt 3:6; Mr 1:5; Joh 1:28
      Baptism of our Lord.  Mt 3:13,15; Mr 1:9
    Passage of Israel over
      Promised.  De 4:22; 9:1; 11:31
      In an appointed order.  Jos 3:1-8
      Preceded by priests with the ark.  Jos 3:6,11,14
      Successfully effected.  Jos 3:17; 4:1,10,11
      Commemorated by a pillar of stones raised in it.  Jos 4:9
      Commemorated by a pillar of stones in Gilgal.  Jos 4:2-8,20-24
      Alluded to.  Ps 74:15; 114:3,5
      A pledge that God would drive the Canaanites, &c out of their land.  Jos 3:10
    The Jews had great pride in  Zec 11:3
    Despised by foreigners  2Ki 5:12
    Moses not allowed to cross  De 3:27; 31:2