Bible Verses About Joy of God Over His People The

Joy of God Over His People, The.
    Greatness of, described  Zep 3:17
    On account of their
      Repentance.  Lu 15:7,10
      Faith.  Heb 11:5,6
      Fear of him.  Ps 147:11
      Praying to him.  Pr 15:8
      Hope in his mercy.  Ps 147:11
      Meekness.  Ps 149:4
      Uprightness.  1Ch 29:17; Pr 11:20
    Leads to him
      Prosper them.  De 30:9
      Do them good.  De 28:63; Jer 32:41
      Deliver them.  2Sa 22:20
      Comfort them.  Isa 65:19
      Give them the inheritance.  Nu 14:8
    Illustrated  Isa 62:5; Lu 15:23,24
      Solomon.  1Ki 10:9