Bible Verses About Judah the Tribe Of

Judah, the Tribe Of.
    Descended from Jacob's fourth son  Ge 29:35
    Predictions respecting  Ge 49:8-12; De 33:7
    Persons selected from
      To number the people.  Nu 1:7
      To spy out the land.  Nu 13:6
      To divide the land.  Nu 34:19
    Strength of, on leaving Egypt  Nu 1:26,27; 2:4
    Encamped with its standard east of the tabernacle  Nu 2:3
    Led the first division of Israel in their journeys  Nu 10:14
    Offering of, at dedication  Nu 7:12-17
    Families of  Nu 26:19-21
    Strength of on entering Canaan  Nu 26:22
    On Gerizim said amen to the blessings  De 27:12
    Bounds of inheritance  Jos 15:1-12
    First and most vigorous in driving out the Canaanites  Jdj 1:3-20
    Went first against Gibeah  Jdj 20:18
    Furnished to Israel the first judge  Jdj 3:9
    Aided Saul in his wars  1Sa 11:8; 15:4
    After Saul's rebellion appointed to furnish kings to Israel  1Sa 13:14; 15:28; 16:6,13; 2Sa 2:4; 7:16,17
    The first to submit to David  2Sa 2:10
    Reigned over alone by David seven years and a half  2Sa 2:11; 5:5
    Officer placed over by David  1Ch 27:18
    Reproved for tardiness in bringing back David after Absalom's rebellion  2Sa 19:11-15
    Other tribes jealous of, on account of David  2Sa 19:41-42; 20:1,2
    With Benjamin alone, adhered to the house of David  1Ki 12:21
    The last tribe carried into captivity  2Ki 17:18,20; 25:21
    Out Lord sprang from  Mt 1:3-16; Lu 3:23-33; Heb 7:14
    Remarkable persons of
      Achan.  Jos 7:18
      Elimelech.  Ru 1:1,2
      Boaz.  Ru 2:1
      Obed.  Ru 4:21
      Jesse.  Ru 4:22; 1Sa 16:1
      David.  1Sa 16:1,13
      Solomon.  1Ki 1:32-39
      Elihu.  1Ch 27:18
      Pethahiah.  Ne 11:24
      Bezaleel.  Ex 31:2; 35:30
      Nahshon.  Nu 7:12
      Caleb.  Nu 14:24
      Absalom.  2Sa 15:1
      Elhanan.  2Sa 21:19; 23:24
      Adonijah.  1Ki 1:5,6
      Jonathan.  2Sa 21:21
      Kings of Judah.  (See 1st and 2nd Books of Kings)