Bible Verses About Kenites The

Kenites, The.
    Originally a people of Canaan  Ge 15:19
    Connected with the Midianites  Nu 10:29; Jdj 4:11
    Dwelt in strongholds  Nu 24:21
    Had many cities  1Sa 30:29
      Intermarried with.  Ex 2:21; Jdj 1:16
      Invited, to accompany Israel.  Nu 10:29-32
    Part of, dwelt with Israel  Jdj 1:16; 4:11
    Part of, dwelt with the Amalekites  1Sa 15:6
    Showed kindness to Israel in the desert  Ex 18:1-27
    Not destroyed with the Amalekites  1Sa 15:6
    The Rechabites descended from  1Ch 2:55
    Sisera slain by Jael one of  Jdj 4:22; 5:24
      Pretended that he invaded.  1Sa 27:10
      Sent part of the spoil of war to.  1Sa 30:29
    Ruin of, predicted  Nu 24:21,22