Bible Verses About Lamb The

Lamb, The.
    The young of the flock  Ex 12:5; Eze 45:15
    Described as
      Patient.  Isa 53:7
      Playful.  Ps 114:4,6
    Exposed to danger from wild beasts  1Sa 17:34
    The shepherd's care for  Isa 40:11
    Used for
      Food.  De 32:14; 2Sa 12:4
      Clothing.  Pr 27:26
      Sacrifice.  1Ch 29:21; 2Ch 29:32
    Considered a great delicacy  Am 6:4
    Offered in sacrifice
      Males.  Ex 12:5
      Females.  Nu 6:14
      While sucking.  1Sa 7:9
      At a year old.  Ex 12:5; Nu 6:14
      From the earliest times.  Ge 4:4; 22:7,8
      Every morning and evening.  Ex 29:38,39; Nu 28:3,4
      At the passover.  Ex 12:3,6,7
      By the wicked not accepted.  Isa 1:11; 66:3
    Numbers of, given by Josiah to the people for sacrifice  2Ch 35:7
    The first born of an ass to be redeemed with  Ex 13:13; 34:20
    An extensive commerce in  Ezr 7:17; Eze 27:21
    Tribute often paid in  2Ki 3:4; Isa 16:1
    Covenants confirmed by gift of  Ge 21:28-30
    The image of, was the first impression of on money  Ge 33:19; Jos 24:32
      Of purity of Christ.  1Pe 1:19
      Of Christ as a sacrifice.  Joh 1:29; Re 5:6
      Of any thing dear or cherished.  2Sa 12:3,9
      Of the Lord's people.  Isa 5:17; 11:6
      Of weak believers.  Isa 40:11; Joh 21:15
      (Patience of,) of the patience of Christ.  Isa 53:7; Ac 8:32
      (Among wolves,) of ministers among the ungodly.  Lu 10:3
      (Deserted and exposed,) of Israel deprived of God's protection.  Ho 4:16
      (Brought to slaughter,) of the wicked under judgments.  Jer 51:40
      (Consumed in sacrifice,) of complete destruction of the wicked.  Ps 37:20