Bible Verses About Lamps

    Design of  2Pe 1:19
    Described as
      Burning.  Ge 15:17
      Shining.  Joh 5:35
    Lighted with oil  Mt 25:3,8
    Oil for, carried in vessels  Mt 25:4
    Sometimes supplied with oil form a bowl through pipes  Zec 4:2
    Required to be constantly trimmed  Mt 25:7
    Used for lighting
      The tabernacle.  Ex 25:37
      Private apartments.  Ac 20:8
      Chariots of war by night.  Na 2:3,4
      Marriage processions.  Mt 25:1
      Persons going out at night.  Joh 18:3
    Often kept lighting all night  Pr 31:18
    Placed on a stand to give light to all in the house  Mt 5:15
    Illumination of the tents of Arab chiefs by, alluded to  Job 29:3,4
    Probable origin of dark lantern  Jdj 7:16
      Of the word of God.  Ps 119:105; Pr 6:23
      Of omniscience of Christ.  Da 10:6; Re 1:14
      Of graces of the Holy Spirit.  Re 4:5
      Of salvation of God.  Ge 15:17; Isa 62:1
      Of God's guidance.  2Sa 22:29; Ps 18:28
      Of glory of the cherubim.  Eze 1:13
      Of spirit of man.  Pr 20:27
      Of ministers.  Joh 5:35
      Of wise rulers.  2Sa 21:17
      Of severe judgments.  Re 8:10
      Of a succession of heirs.  1Ki 11:36; 15:4
      (Put out,) of destruction of the wicked.  Job 18:5,6; 21:17; 13:9
      (Totally quenched,) of complete destruction of those who curse parents.  Pr 20:20