Bible Verses About Laver of Brass

Laver of Brass.
    Moses was commanded to make  Ex 30:18
    Wisdom given to Bezaleel to make  Ex 31:2,9
    Made of brazen mirrors of the women  Ex 38:8
    Was placed in the court between the altar and the tabernacle  Ex 30:18; 40:7,30
    Was anointed with holy oil  Ex 40:11; Le 8:11
    The priests washed in
      Before consecration.  Ex 40:12
      Before entering the tabernacle.  Ex 30:19,20
      Before approaching the altar.  Ex 30:20
    One made by Solomon for the temple  1Ki 7:23-26; 2Ki 25:13
    Called the Brazen sea  2Ki 25:13; Jer 52:17
    Illustrative of
      Christ the fountain for sin.  Zec 13:1; Re 1:5
      Regeneration.  Tit 3:5; Eph 5:26