Bible Verses About Law of Moses The

Law of Moses, The.
    Is the law of God  Le 26:46
      In the desert.  Eze 20:10,11
      At Horeb.  De 4:10,15; 5:2
      From the Mount Sinai.  Ex 19:11,20
      By disposition of angels.  Ac 7:53
      Through Moses as mediator.  De 5:5,27,28; Joh 1:17; Ga 3:19
      To the Jews.  Le 26:46; Ps 78:5
      After the exodus.  De 4:45; Ps 81:4,5
      To no other nation.  De 4:8; Ps 147:20
    None to approach the Mount while God gave  Ex 19:13,21-24; Heb 12:20
    Remarkable phenomena connected with, at giving of  Ex 19:16-19
    Terror of Israel at receiving  Ex 19:16; 20:18-20; De 5:5,23-25
    Additions made to, in the plains of Moab by Jordan  Nu 36:13
      A fiery law.  De 33:2
      Word spoken by angels.  Heb 2:2
      Ministration of death.  2Co 3:7
      Ministration of condemnation.  2Co 3:9
      Lively oracles.  Ac 7:38
      Royal law.  Jas 2:8
      Book of the law.  De 30:10; Jos 1:8
      Book of Moses.  2Ch 25:4; 35:12
    Rehearsed by Moses  De 1:1-3
    Entire of, written in a book  De 31:9
    Book of, laid up in the sanctuary  De 31:26
    Tables of, laid up in the ark  De 10:5
    Divided into
      Moral, embodied in the ten commandments.  De 5:22; 10:4
      Ceremonial, relating to manner of worshipping God.  Le 7:37,38; Heb 9:1-7
      Civil, relating to administration of justice.  De 17:9-11; Ac 23:3; 24:6
      A covenant of works to the Jews as a nation.  De 28:1,15; Jer 31:32
    Taught the Jews
      To love and fear God.  De 6:5; 10:12,13; Mt 22:36,38
      To love their neighbour.  Le 19:18; Mt 22:39
      Strict justice and impartiality.  Le 19:35,36
      All punishments awarded according to.  Joh 8:5; 19:7; Heb 10:28
    All Israelites required
      To know.  Ex 18:16
      To observe.  De 4:6; 6:2
      To lay up, in their hearts.  De 6:6; 11:18
      To remember.  Mal 4:4
      To teach their children.  De 6:7; 11:19
    Kings to write and study  De 17:18,19
    Good kings enforced  2Ki 23:24,25; 2Ch 31:21
    Priests and Levites to teach  De 33:8-10; Ne 8:7; Mal 2:7
    The scribes were learned in, and expounded  Ezr 7:6; Mt 23:2
    Public instruction given to youth in  Lu 2:46; Ac 22:3
    Publicly read
      At the feast of tabernacles in the sabbatical year.  De 31:10-13
      By Joshua.  Jos 8:34,35
      By Ezra.  Ne 8:2,3
      In the synagogues every Sabbath day.  Ac 13:15; 15:21
    A means of national reformation  2Ch 34:19-21; Ne 8:13-18
    A shadow of good things to come  Heb 10:1
    Could not give righteous and life  Ga 3:21; Ro 8:3,4; Heb 10:1
    A schoolmaster to lead to Christ  Ga 3:24
      Made under.  Ga 4:4
      Circumcised according to.  Lu 2:21; Ro 15:8
      Came not to destroy but to fulfil.  Mt 5:17,18
      Attended all feasts of.  Joh 2:23; 7:2,10,37
      Fulfilled all precepts of.  Ps 40:7,8
      Fulfilled all types and shadows of.  Heb 9:8,11-14; 10:1,11-14
      Magnified and made honourable.  Isa 42:21
      Bore the curse of.  De 21:23; Ga 3:13
      Abrogated, as a covenant of works.  Ro 7:4
    Was not the manifestation of the grace of God  Joh 1:17; Ro 8:3,4
    Could not disannul the covenant of grace made in Christ  Ga 3:17
    Jewish converts would have all Christians observe  Ac 15:1
    The Jews
      Jealous for.  Joh 9:28,29; Ac 21:20
      Held those ignorant of, accursed.  Joh 7:49
      From regard to, rejected Christ.  Ro 9:31-33
      Accused Christ of breaking.  Joh 19:7
      Accused Christians of speaking.  Ac 6:11-14; 21:28
      Broke it themselves.  Joh 7:19
      Dishonoured God by breaking.  Ro 2:23
      Shall be judged by.  Joh 5:45; Ro 2:12
    Was a burdensome yoke  Ac 15:10
    Darkness, &c at giving of, illustrative of obscurity of Mosaic age  Heb 12:18-24