Bible Verses About Leaven

    Used in making bread  Ho 7:4
    Diffusive properties of  1Co 5:6
      During the feast of the passover.  Ex 12:15-20
      To be offered with blood.  Ex 34:25
      To be offered, &c with meat offerings which were burned.  Le 2:11; 10:12
    Used with thank offerings  Le 7:13; Am 4:5
    First fruits of wheat offered with  Le 23:17
    Illustrative of
      The rapid spread of the gospel.  Mt 13:33; Lu 13:21
      Doctrines of Pharisees, &c.  Mt 16:6,12
      Ungodly professors.  1Co 5:6,7
      False teachers.  Ga 5:8,9
      Malice and wickedness.  1Co 5:8