Bible Verses About Lebanon

    Bounded the land of Canaan on the north  De 1:7; 11:24
    Given to Israel  Jos 13:5,6
    Celebrated for
      Cedars.  Ps 29:5; 92:12; Isa 14:8
      Flowers.  Na 1:4
      Fragrance.  Song 4:11
      Fragrance of its wines.  Ho 14:7
      Glorious appearance.  Isa 35:2
    Great part of, not conquered by the Israelites  Jos 13:2,5; Jdj 3:1-4
      The mountains.  2Ch 2:2
      Mount Lebanon.  Jdj 3:3
      That goodly mountain.  De 3:25
    Lofty tops of, covered with snow  Jer 18:14
    Part of, barren  Isa 29:17
    Forests of, infested with wild beasts  Song 4:8; Isa 40:16; Hab 2:17
    Many streams came from  Song 4:15
    Formerly inhabited by the Hivites  Jdj 3:3
    Moses anxious to behold  De 3:25
      Wood for Solomon's temple.  1Ki 5:5,6
      Stones for Solomon's temple.  1Ki 5:14,18
      Wood for second temple.  Ezr 3:7
    Solomon built
      The house of the forest of.  1Ki 7:2
      Storehouses in.  1Ki 9:19
    Difficulties of passing, surmounted by Assyrian army  2Ki 19:23
      Of great and powerful monarchs.  Isa 10:24,34
      Of the Gentile world.  Isa 29:17
      Of the Jewish nation.  Jer 22:6,23; Heb 2:17
      Of the temple.  Zec 11:1
      (Glory of,) of the glory of the church.  Isa 35:2; 60:13
      (Fragrance of,) of the graces of the church.  Song 4:11; Ho 14:6,7
      (Shaking of its forests,) of prodigious growth of the church.  Ps 72:16
      (Mourning of,) of deep affliction.  Eze 31:15