Bible Verses About Leprosy

    A common disease among the Jews  Lu 4:27
      Men.  Lu 17:12
      Women.  Nu 12:10
      Houses.  Le 14:34
      Garments.  Le 13:47
    An incurable disease  2Ki 5:7
    Often sent as a punishment for sin  Nu 12:9,10; 2Ch 26:19
    Often hereditary  2Sa 3:29; 2Ki 5:27
    Parts affected by
      The hand.  Ex 4:6
      The head.  Le 13:44
      The forehead.  2Ch 26:19
      The beard.  Le 13:30
      The whole body.  Lu 5:12
    Often began with a bright red spot  Le 13:2,24
    Turned the skin white  Ex 4:6; 2Ki 5:27
    Turned the hair white or yellow  Le 13:3,10,30
    The priests
      Judges and directors in cases of.  De 24:8
      Examined persons suspected of.  Le 13:2,9
      Shut up persons suspected of, seven days.  Le 13:4
      Had rules for distinguishing.  Le 13:5-44
      Examined all persons healed of.  Le 14:2; Mt 8:4; Lu 17:14
    Ceremonies at cleansing of  Le 17:14
    Those afflicted with
      Ceremonially unclean.  Le 13:8,11,22,44
      Separated from intercourse with others.  Nu 5:2; 12:14,15
      Associated together.  2Ki 7:3; Lu 17:12
      Dwelt in a separate house.  2Ki 15:5
      Cut off from God's house.  2Ch 26:21
      Excluded from priest's office.  Le 22:2-4
      To have their heads bare, clothes rent, and lip covered.  Le 13:45
      To cry unclean when approached.  Le 13:45
    Less inveterate when it covered the whole body  Le 13:13
    Power of God manifested in curing  Nu 12:13,14; 2Ki 5:8-14
    Power of Christ manifested in curing  Mt 8:3; Lu 5:13; 17:13,14
    Christ gave power to heal  Mt 10:8
      Suspected of, shown to priest.  Le 13:49
      Suspected of, shut up seven days.  Le 13:50
      Infected with, to have the piece first torn out.  Le 13:56
      Incurable infected with, burned.  Le 13:51,52
      Suspected of, but not having, washed and pronounced clean.  Le 13:53,54,58,59
      Suspected of, reported to priest.  Le 14:35
      Suspected of, emptied.  Le 14:36
      Suspected of, inspected by priest.  Le 14:37
      Suspected of, shut up seven days.  Le 14:38
      To have the part infected with, first removed, and the rest scraped, &c.  Le 14:39,42
      Incurably infected with, pulled down and removed.  Le 14:43-45
      Infected with, communicated uncleanness to everyone who entered them.  Le 14:46,47
      Suspected of, but not infected, pronounced clean.  Le 14:48
      Ceremonies at cleansing of.  Le 14:49-53