Bible Verses About Levites The

Levites, The.
    Descended from Jacob's third son  Ge 29:34; Heb 7:9,10
    Prophecies respecting  Ge 49:5,7; De 33:8-11
    Originally consisted for three families or divisions  Nu 3:17; 1Ch 6:16-48
    Not numbered with Israel  Nu 1:47-49
    Numbered separately after the people from a month old  Nu 3:14-16,39
    Families, as numbered
      Of Gershom.  Nu 3:18,21,22
      Of Kohath.  Nu 3:19,27,28
      Of Merari.  Nu 3:20,33,34
    Chosen by God for service of the sanctuary  1Ch 15:2; Nu 3:6
    Were consecrated  Nu 8:6,14
    Taken instead of the first-born of Israel  Nu 3:12,13,40-45; 8:16-18
    Zeal against idolatry a cause of their appointment  Ex 32:26-28; De 33:9,10
    Entered on their service at twenty-five years of age  Nu 8:24
    Numbered as ministers at thirty  Nu 4:3,23-49
    Superannuated at fifty  Nu 8:25
    When superannuated required to perform the less arduous duties  Nu 8:26
    Ceremonies at consecration of
      Cleansing and purifying.  Nu 8:7
      Making a sin-offering for.  Nu 8:8,12
      Elders of Israel laying their hands on them.  Nu 8:9,10
      Presenting them to God as an offering for the people.  Nu 8:11,15
      Setting before the priest and presenting them as their offering to God.  Nu 8:13
    Given to Aaron and sons  Nu 3:9; 8:19
    Encamped round the tabernacle  Nu 1:50,52,53; 3:23,29,35
    Marched in the centre of Israel  Nu 2:17
    Services of
      Ministering to the Lord.  De 10:8
      Ministering to priests.  Nu 3:6,7; 18:2
      Ministering to the people.  2Ch 35:3
      Keeping the charge of the sanctuary.  Nu 18:3; 1Ch 23:32
      Keeping sacred instruments and vessels.  Nu 3:8; 1Ch 9:28,29
      Keeping sacred oil, flour, &c.  1Ch 9:29,30
      Keeping sacred treasures.  1Ch 26:20
      Taking charge of the tithes, offerings, &c.  2Ch 31:11-19; Ne 12:44
      Doing the service of tabernacle.  Nu 8:19,22
      Taking down, putting up, and carrying the tabernacle, &c.  Nu 1:50,51; 4:5-33
      Preparing the sacrifices for the priests.  1Ch 23:31; 2Ch 35:11
      Preparing the show bread.  1Ch 9:31,32; 23:29
      Purifying the holy things.  1Ch 23:28
      Regulating weights and measures.  1Ch 23:29
      Teaching the people.  2Ch 17:8,9; 30:22; 35:3; Ne 8:7
      Blessing the people.  De 10:8
      Keeping the gates of the temple.  1Ch 9:17-26; 23:5; 2Ch 35:15; Ne 12:25
      Conducting the sacred music.  1Ch 23:5-30; 2Ch 5:12,13; Ne 12:24,27-43
      Singing praises before the army.  2Ch 20:21,22
      Judging and deciding in controversies.  De 17:9; 1Ch 23:4; 2Ch 19:8
    Guarded king's person and house in times of danger  2Ki 11:5-9; 2Ch 23:5-7
    Had no inheritance in Israel  De 10:9; Jos 13:33; 14:3
    The Jews to be kind and benevolent to  De 12:12,18,19; 14:29; 16:11,14
    Eight and forty cities with extensive suburbs, appointed for  Nu 35:2-8
    The tithes given to, for their support  Nu 18:21,24; 2Ch 31:4,5; Ne 12:44,45; Heb 7:5
    Bound to give a tenth of their tithes to the priests  Nu 18:26-32
    Had a part of their offerings  De 18:1,2
      Numbered them first from thirty years old.  1Ch 23:2-3
      Divided them into four classed.  1Ch 23:4-6
      By his last words had them numbered from twenty years old.  1Ch 23:24,27
      Made them serve from twenty on account of the lightness of their duties.  1Ch 23:26,28-32
      Subdivided into 24 courses.  1Ch 23:6; 25:8-31
      Made them attend in courses.  2Ch 8:14; 31:17
    Served in courses after captivity  Ezr 6:18
    Had chiefs or officers over them  Nu 3:24,30,35; 1Ch 15:4-10; 2Ch 35:9; Ezr 8:29
    Were all under control of the high priest's deputy  Nu 3:32; 1Ch 9:20
    While in attendance lodged around the temple  1Ch 9:27
    Punished with death for encroaching on the priestly office  Nu 18:3
    Punishment of Korah and others of, for offering incense  Nu 16:1-35