Bible Verses About Life Eternal

Life, Eternal.
    Christ is  1Jo 1:2; 5:20
    Revealed by Christ  Joh 6:68; 2Ti 1:10
    To know God and Christ is  Joh 17:3
      By God.  Ps 133:3; Ro 6:23
      By Christ.  Joh 6:27; 10:28
      In Christ.  1Jo 5:11
      Through Christ.  Ro 5:21; 6:23
      To all given to Christ.  Joh 17:2
      To those who believe in God.  Joh 5:24
      To those who believe in Christ.  Joh 3:15,16; 6:40,47
      To those who hate life for Christ.  Joh 12:25
      In answer to prayer.  Ps 21:4
    Revealed in the Scriptures  Joh 5:39
    Results from
      Drinking the water of life.  Joh 4:14
      Eating the bread of life.  Joh 6:50-58
      Eating of the tree of life.  Re 2:7
    They who are ordained to, believe the gospel  Ac 13:48
      Have promises of.  1Ti 4:8; 2Ti 1:1; Tit 1:2; 1Jo 2:25
      Have hope of.  Tit 1:2; 3:7
      May have assurance of.  2Co 5:1; 1Jo 5:13
      Shall reap, through the Spirit.  Ga 6:8
      Shall inherit.  Mt 19:29
      Look for the mercy of God to.  Jude 1:21
      Should lay hold of.  1Ti 6:12,19
      Are preserved to.  Joh 10:28,29
      Shall rise to.  Da 12:2; Joh 5:29
      Shall go into.  Mt 25:46
      Shall reign in.  Da 7:18; Ro 5:17
    The self-righteous think to inherit, by works  Mr 10:17
    Cannot be inherited by works  Ro 2:7; 3:10-19
    The wicked
      Have not.  1Jo 3:15
      Judge themselves unworthy of.  Ac 13:46
    Exhortation to seek  Joh 6:27