Bible Verses About Love to Christ

Love to Christ.
    Exhibited by God  Mt 17:5; Joh 5:20
    Exhibited by saints  1Pe 1:8
    His personal excellence is deserving of  Song 5:9-16
    His love to us a motive to  2Co 5:14
    Manifested in
      Seeking him.  Song 3:2
      Obeying him.  Joh 14:15,21,23
      Ministering to him.  Mt 27:55; 25:40
      Preferring him to all others.  Mt 10:37
      Taking up the cross for Him.  Mt 10:38
    A characteristic of saints  Song 1:4
    An evidence of adoption  Joh 8:42
    Should be
      Sincere.  Eph 6:24
      With the soul.  Song 1:7
      In proportion to our mercies.  Lu 7:47
      Supreme.  Mt 10:37
      Ardent.  Song 2:5; 8:6
      Unquenchable.  Song 8:7
      Even to death.  Ac 21:13; Re 12:11
    Promises to  2Ti 4:8; Jas 1:12
    Increase of, to be prayed for  Php 1:9
    Pray for grace to those who have  Eph 6:24
    They who have
      Are loved by the Father.  Joh 14:21,23; 16:27
      Are loved by Christ.  Pr 8:17; Joh 14:21
      Enjoy communion with God and Christ.  Joh 14:23
    Decrease of, rebuked  Re 2:4
    Want of, denounced  1Co 16:22
    The wicked, destitute of  Ps 35:19; Joh 15:18,25
      Joseph of Arimathaea.  Mt 27:57-60
      Penitent woman.  Lu 7:47
      Certain women.  Lu 23:28
      Thomas.  Joh 11:16
      Mary Magdalene.  Joh 20:11
      Peter.  Joh 21:15-17
      Paul.  Ac 21:13