Bible Verses About Love to God

Love to God.
    Commanded  De 11:1; Jos 22:5
    The first great commandment  Mt 22:38
    With all the heart  De 6:5; Mt 22:37
    Better than all sacrifices  Mr 12:33
    Produced by
      The Holy Spirit.  Ga 5:22; 2Th 3:5
      The love of God to us.  1Jo 4:19
      Answers to prayer.  Ps 116:1
    Exhibited by Christ  Joh 14:31
    A characteristic of saints  Ps 5:11
    Should produce
      Joy.  Ps 5:11
      Love to saints.  1Jo 5:1
      Hatred of sin.  Ps 97:10
      Obedience to God.  De 30:20; 1Jo 5:3
    Perfected in obedience  1Jo 2:5
    Perfected, gives boldness  1Jo 4:17,18
    God, faithful to those who have  De 7:9
    They who have
      Are known of him.  1Co 8:3
      Are preserved by him.  Ps 145:20
      Are delivered by him.  Ps 91:14
      Partake of his mercy.  Ex 20:6; De 7:9
      Have all things working for their good.  Ro 8:28
    Persevere in  Jude 1:21
    Exhort one another to  Ps 31:23
    Pray for  2Th 3:5
    The love of the world is a proof of not having  1Jo 2:15
    They who love not others, are without  1Jo 4:20
    Hypocrites, without  Lu 11:42; Joh 5:42
    The uncharitable, without  1Jo 3:17
    God tries the sincerity of  De 13:3
    Promises connected with  De 11:13-15; Ps 69:36; Isa 56:6,7; Jas 1:12