Bible Verses About Macedonian Empire The

Macedonian Empire, The.
    Called the kingdom of Grecia  Da 11:2
    Illustrated by the
      Brazen part of the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  Da 2:32,39
      Leopard with four wings and four heads.  Da 7:16,17
      Rough goat with notable horn.  Da 8:5,21
    Philippi the chief city of  Ac 16:12
    Predictions respecting
      Conquest of the Medo-Persian kingdom.  Da 8:6,7; 11:2,3
      Power and greatness of Alexander its last king.  Da 8:8; 11:3
      Division of it into four kingdoms.  Da 8:8,22
      Divisions of it ruled by strangers.  Da 11:4
      History of its four divisions.  Da 11:4-29
      The little horn to arise out of one of its divisions.  Da 8:8-12,23-25
    Gospel preached in, by God's desire  Ac 16:9,10
    Liberality of the churches of  2Co 8:1-5