Bible Verses About Manasseh the Tribe Of

Manasseh, the Tribe Of.
    Descended from Joseph's eldest son adopted by Jacob  Ge 41:51; 48:5
    Predictions respecting  Ge 48:20; 49:22-26; De 33:13-17
    Persons selected from
      To number the people.  Nu 1:10
      To spy out the land.  Nu 13:11
      To divide the land.  Nu 34:23
    Strength of, on leaving Egypt  Nu 1:34,35
    Part of third division of Israel in their journeys  Nu 10:22,23
    Encamped next to, and under the standard of Ephraim west of tabernacle  Nu 2:18,20
    Offering of, at dedication  Nu 7:54-59
    Families of  Nu 26:29-33
    Strength of, on entering Canaan  Nu 26:34
    On Gerizim said amen to the blessing  De 27:12
    Half of, obtained inheritance east of Jordan  Nu 32:33,39-42; Jos 13:29-31
    Inheritance of the other half  Jos 17:1-11
    Could not drive out the Canaanites but made them tributary  Jos 17:12,13; Jdj 1:27,28
    Some of
      Aided David against Saul.  1Ch 12:19-21
      At coronation of David.  1Ch 12:31-37
      Returned to their allegiance to the house of David in Asa's reign.  2Ch 15:9
      At Hezekiah's passover.  2Ch 30:1,11,18
    David appointed rulers and captains over  1Ch 26:32; 27:20,21
    Often at war with Ephraim  Jdj 12:1,6; Isa 9:21
    Country of, purified from idols by Hezekiah and Josiah  2Ch 31:1; 34:6
    Remarkable persons of
      Daughters of Zelophehad.  Nu 27:1-7
      Gideon.  Jdj 6:15
      Abimelech.  Jdj 9:1
      Jotham.  Jdj 9:5,7,21
      Jair.  Jdj 10:3
      Jephthah.  Jdj 11:1
      Barzillai.  2Sa 17:27
      Elijah.  1Ki 17:1