Bible Verses About Manna

    Miraculously given to Israel for food in the wilderness  Ex 16:4,15; Ne 9:15
      God's manna.  Ne 9:20
      Bread of heaven.  Ps 105:40
      Bread from heaven.  Ex 16:4; Joh 6:31
      Corn of heaven.  Ps 78:24
      Angel's food.  Ps 78:25
      Spiritual meat.  1Co 10:3
    Previously unknown  De 8:3,16
    Described as
      Like coriander seed.  Ex 16:31; Nu 11:7
      White.  Ex 16:31
      Like in colour to bdellium.  Nu 11:7
      Like in taste to wafers made with honey.  Ex 16:31
      Like in taste to oil.  Nu 11:18
      Like hoar frost.  Ex 16:14
    Fell after the evening dew  Nu 11:9
    None fell on the Sabbath day  Ex 16:26,27
    Gathered every morning  Ex 16:21
    An omer of, gathered for each person  Ex 16:16
    Two portions of, gathered the sixth day on account of the Sabbath  Ex 16:5,22-26
    He that gathered much or little had sufficient and nothing over  Ex 16:18
    Melted away by the sun  Ex 16:21
      When Israel murmured for bread.  Ex 16:2,3
      In answer to prayer.  Ps 105:40
      Through Moses.  Joh 6:31,32
      To exhibit God's glory.  Ex 16:7
      As a sign of Moses's divine mission.  Joh 6:30,31
      For forty years.  Ne 9:21
      As a test of obedience.  Ex 16:4
      To teach that man does not live by bread only.  De 8:3; Mt 4:4
      To humble and prove Israel.  De 8:16
    Kept longer than a day (except on the Sabbath) became corrupt  Ex 16:19,20
    The Israelites
      At first covetous of.  Ex 16:17
      Ground, made into cakes and baked in pans.  Nu 11:8
      Counted inferior to food of Egypt.  Nu 11:4-6
      Loathed.  Nu 21:5
      Punished for despising.  Nu 11:10-20
      Punished for loathing.  Nu 21:6
    Ceased when Israel entered Canaan  Ex 16:35; Jos 5:12
    Illustrative of
      Christ.  Joh 6:32-35
      Blessedness given to saints.  Re 2:17
    A golden pot of, laid up in the holiest for a memorial  Ex 16:32-34; Heb 9:4