Bible Verses About Measures

    Unjust, an abomination to God  Pr 20:10
    The Jews not to be unjust in  Le 19:35; De 25:14,15
    The Jews often used unjust  Mic 6:10
    Of liquids and solids
      Log.  Le 14:10,15
      Cab.  2Ki 6:25
      Omer or tenth-deal (the tenth of an ephah).  Ex 16:36; Le 5:11; 14:10
      Hin.  Ex 29:40
      Bath or ephah.  Isa 5:10; Eze 45:11
      Homer or Cor.  Isa 5:10; Eze 45:14
      Firkin.  Joh 2:6
    Of length
      Handbreadth.  Ex 25:25; Ps 39:5
      Span.  Ex 28:16; 1Sa 17:4
      Cubit.  Ge 6:15,16; De 3:11
      Fathom.  Ac 27:28
      Furlong.  Lu 24:13; Joh 11:13
      Mile.  Mt 5:41
    Distances measured by rods and lines  2Sa 8:2; Jer 31:39; Eze 40:3; Re 21:16
    Were regulated by the standard of the sanctuary  1Ch 23:29
      (Correcting in measure,) of mitigated afflictions.  Jer 30:11
      (Drinking tears in great measure,) of severe afflictions.  Ps 80:5
      (Weighing the waters in a measure,) of God's infinite wisdom.  Job 28:23,25
      (Measuring the dust of the earth,) of God's greatness.  Isa 40:12
      (The measure of our days,) of the shortness of life.  Ps 39:4
      (Drinking water, by measure) of severe famine.  Eze 4:11,16
      (The measure of the stature of Christ,) of perfection.  Eph 4:13
      (Opening the mouth without measure,) of the insatiableness of hell.  Isa 5:14