Bible Verses About Medo Persian Kingdom

Medo-Persian Kingdom.
    Extended from India to Ethiopia  Es 1:1
    Peopled by descendants of Eliam  Ge 10:22
    Illustrated by
      Silver part of image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  Da 2:32,39
      A bear.  Da 7:5
      A ram with two horns.  Da 8:3,20
    Shushan a chief city of  Es 1:2; 8:15
    Achmetha or Ecbatana a chief city of  Ezr 6:2
    Divided into many provinces  Es 1:1; Da 6:1
    Laws of, unalterable  Da 6:12,15
    Ruled by, absolute kings  Es 3:8,11; 7:9
    Kings of, mentioned in scripture
      Cyrus.  Ezr 1:1
      Ahasuerus or Cambyses.  Ezr 4:6
      Artaxerxes Smerdis (an usurper).  Ezr 4:7
      Darius Hystaspes.  Ezr 6:1; Da 5:31
      Xerxes.  Da 11:2
      Artaxerxes Longimanus or Ahasuerus.  Ezr 6:14; 7:1; Es 1:1
    Kings of
      Called kings of Assyria.  Ezr 6:22
      Called kings of Babylon.  Ne 13:6
      Styled themselves king of kings.  Ezr 7:12
      Dwelt in royal palaces.  Es 1:2; 8:14
      Were exceeding rich.  Es 1:4; Da 12:2
      Entertained magnificently.  Es 1:3,5,7
      Held in their hand a golden sceptre.  Es 5:2
      Put to death all who approached them without permission.  Es 4:11,16
    Celebrated for wise men  Es 1:13; Mt 2:1
    People of, warlike  Eze 27:10; 38:5
    Peculiar customs in  Es 1:8; 2:12,13
    Babylon taken by the king of  Da 5:20,31
    The Jews delivered from captivity by means of  2Ch 36:20,22,23; Ezr 1:1-4
    Predictions respecting
      Extensive conquest.  Da 8:4
      Conquest of Babylon.  Isa 21:1,2; Da 5:28
      Deliverance of the Jews.  Isa 44:28; 45:1-4
      Invasion of Greece under Xerxes.  Da 11:2
      Downfall by Alexander.  Da 8:6,7; 11:3