Bible Verses About Meekness

    Christ set an example of  Ps 45:4; Isa 53:7; Mt 11:29; 21:5; 2Co 10:1; 1Pe 2:21-23
    His teaching  Mt 5:38-45
    A fruit of the Spirit  Ga 5:22,23
    Saints should
      Seek.  Zep 2:3
      Put on.  Col 3:12-13
      Receive the word of God with.  Jas 1:21
      Exhibit, in conduct, &c.  Jas 3:13
      Answer for their hope with.  1Pe 3:15
      Show to all men.  Tit 3:2
      Restore the erring with.  Ga 6:1
    Precious in the sight of God  1Pe 3:4
    Ministers should
      Follow after.  1Ti 6:11
      Instruct opposers with.  2Ti 2:24,25
      Urge, on their people.  Tit 3:1,2
    A characteristic of wisdom  Jas 3:17
    Necessary to a Christian walk  Eph 4:1,2; 1Co 6:7
    Those who are gifted with
      Are preserved.  Ps 76:9
      Are exalted.  Ps 147:6; Mt 23:12
      Are guided and taught.  Ps 25:9
      Are richly provided for.  Ps 22:26
      Are beautified with salvation.  Ps 149:4
      Increase their joy.  Isa 29:19
      Shall inherit the earth.  Ps 37:11
    The gospel to be preached to those who possess  Isa 61:1
    Blessedness of  Mt 5:5
      Moses.  Nu 12:3
      David.  1Sa 30:6; 2Sa 16:9-12
      Paul.  1Co 4:12; 1Th 2:7