Bible Verses About Mercy Seat

Mercy Seat.
    Moses commanded to make  Ex 25:17
    Bezaleel given wisdom to make  Ex 31:2,3,7
    Made of pure gold  Ex 25:17; 37:6
    The cherubim formed out of, and at each end of it  Ex 25:18-20; Heb 9:5
    Placed upon the ark of testimony  Ex 25:21; 26:34; 40:20
      Appeared over in the cloud.  Le 16:2
      Dwelt over.  Ps 80:1
      Spoke from above.  Ex 25:22; Nu 7:89
    Covered with a cloud of incense on the day of atonement  Le 16:13
    The blood of sacrifices on the day of atonement sprinkled upon and before  Le 16:14,15
    Illustrative of